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Day after day, we work passionately, innovating, searching for the ideal solution, building relationships to create a better future for the generations to come.

What does being SUSTAINABLE really mean?

Sustainability is thinking, developing, producing, growing in a way that does not affect the ability of future generations to fulfil their needs and expectations. Sustainability is evolving today, preserving the world’s resources and therefore, ensuring opportunities for our children



The common feature shared by all our solutions is the goal of minimizing system running costs.



Every day we develop products, technologies, application standards, control and management strategies aimed at achieving the highest energy efficiency.



The rational use of energy resources for us is a pre-condition to preserve and protect the environment.



Everyone has strengths which, if developed, can become a talent. “We cultivate talent” is our trademark for a future of opportunities.



The most important resources for us are, and always will be, human resources. What we create every day is done with a special focus on the well-being of people.

What makes us stand out on the IT Cooling market in a sustainable way can be summarised by these four cornerstones.


What unites us and makes us a team is the passion and enthusiasm that fuel us in whatever we do. Every day.


Research and development of new technologies is part of our core identity. It enhances the talent of our people and allows us to come up with value-adding solutions that make a difference.


Being innovative means tuning in to and understanding the actual needs of our customers, offering the solutions that best meet their requirements.


The focus is always and above all on people. This is why human relationships are essentially important.


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