Creativity and analytical approach, innovative ideas and a massive research effort. This is HiRef.

At HiRef, we believe that innovation and sustainability, far from being two parallel concepts, are the only possible way of working in today's Cooling system industry.

  • The expertise and skills gained over the years have defined our DNA: we apply the most diverse technologies for precision air conditioning, in an effort to constantly optimise energy efficiency, with a view to reducing consumption and consequently, running costs.



Our drive towards innovation and customer satisfaction has led us to become what we are today: future-oriented, always looking beyond the standards.

Right from the start, HiRef's value-adding range of products have stood out for their ability to meet customer needs, offering personalised answers and tailor-made conditioning solutions.

A strong focus on customisation - which in recent years has translated into 85% non-standard products - is possible only if key processes are an integral part of business operations and are not contracted out to subsuppliers.

Over the years, this approach has resulted in independent spin-offs operating in various sectors of HVAC & R. Today, HiRef reunites a variety of skills that can work in synergy, increasing the company's development potential.

The HiRef network

We are a network of companies working in synergy by integrating the supply chain vertically and in different areas of HVAC & R. What do we share? A common vision.


Eneren offers services and products for renewable energy air conditioning through heat pumps and geothermal systems.


HiDew specialises in dehumidification, in particular in the production of dehumidifiers that can be combined with radiant systems for homes, swimming pools and industrial plants.


It.Met deals with light steelwork, steel and aluminium machining, customised electrical control panels and containment boxes for Data Centers.



Ecat specialises in the production of electrical power and distribution panels for industrial automation and the refrigeration industry.

<p>Tecno Refrigeration</p>

Tecno Refrigeration

Tecno Refrigeration specialises in commercial refrigeration and comfort air conditioning for the naval and railway sectors. It is a "competence center" for systems using CO2, a natural fluid chosen by HiRef to develop our sustainable future.

<p>HiRef Engineering</p>

HiRef Engineering

HiRef Engineering is an engineering company that supports our commercial network by supplying consultancy in the fields of design, feasibility studies, project business plans and, if required, "turnkey" air conditioning systems.



Jonix is an innovative SME, in which HiRef indirectly holds a minority stake. Founded in 2013, it specialises in air sanitation in the comfort, industrial, food and agriculture sectors. On May 4, 2021, it was listed on the AIM Milan stock exchange, the first Benefit company in Italy to be so.



We believe in solidarity and friendly gestures. This is why we support associations which, like us, believe in the value of innovation aimed at economic, social and environmental sustainability.

<p>ADCA Africa Data Centres Association </p>

ADCA Africa Data Centres Association

We share ADCA's mission: enhancing the economic growth of the data center industry for the company, governments and the media.

<p>Associazione degli Amici dell'Università di Padova</p>

Associazione degli Amici dell'Università di Padova

HiRef is a Meritorious Member. We share the same ideas and values as the Friends of the University of Padua including the importance of expertise, innovation and being sensitive to people and the territory, in order to ensure a sustainable productive, social and environmental background.



The digital platform developed for designers of sustainable and LEED, WELL, BREEAM certified buildings. HiRef products have applied for "green" certifications.

<p>EU Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres</p>

EU Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres

We support and share the EU code of conduct for energy efficiency in Data Centers. We believe in the importance of reducing energy consumption and we want to contribute to building a sustainable future for the next generations.

Projects we support

We are actively involved in projects that support talent and promote change for a better future. For us and for the next generations.

CUOA Business school

CUOA Business school

Luca Ometto Association

Luca Ometto Association

i Bambini delle Fate

i Bambini delle Fate