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Our company was born in 2001 in the very heart of the Italian cooling technology district, supported by industry-specific consulting supplied by the University of Padua.

Today, we employ more than 300 workers, of which more than 200 as HiRef SpA only.



The ability to make the most out of talent, the drive towards innovation and economic growth.

turnover 2021 (million €)




production area in m2 (Tribano)

What we want for our future


  • Consolidate the HiRef group and the governance of subsidiaries and investee companies, enhancing the technical excellence of each.

  • Becoming a strategic partner for our customers, becoming integrated in their business structure and increasing the design value of our offering.

  • Promote operational agility and flexibility, tuning in to our partners' requests, enhancing technical skills and decreasing the turnaround time of technologically advanced systems.

History of the company's revenues

Corporate press releases
18.05.2021 Stories of excellence With HiRef, a Veneto-based company, Italian cooling technology is supplied to data centers around the world: turnover up by 30% in 2020. One spin-off listed on the stock exchange

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Corporate press releases
15.09.2021 Veneto Economia HiRef, twenty year anniversary and a celebratory "gift": the doubling in size of its production site

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Corporate press releases
05.05.2020 Il Sole 24 ore Hiring and doubling in size on day 1 of Phase 2: a growing company (with a young workforce)

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Corporate press releases
04.05.2020 Stories of Excellence Technology and research to air-condition and sanitise buildings and Data Centers: HiRef group reaches 56.8 million sales in 2019 and, in phase 2, hires and doubles its plant size

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