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Water-to-water heat pumps with screw compressors

Range: 478÷1762 kW

Product plus

  • Inverter driven screw compressors (on request)
  • New R1234ze refrigerant
  • Single pass tube bundle evaporator
  • Can be combined with Polymorph modules
XVW W/Z/K is HiRef's range of water-to-water heat pumps with screw compressors and tube bundle exchangers. Use of the new R1234ze refrigerant, with ultra-low GWP (Global Warming Potential), and achievement of high energy efficiency levels, especially at partial loads, ensures the system has a low TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact). The broad power range and the different versions available cater to a wide variety of needs. It's possible to choose between heat pump operation for high or low temperatures. Screw compressor allows achievement of high cooling capacities with load modulation via the special slide valve. On request, it's also possible to have the version with inverter on both compressors or on just one, for finer adjustment of the thermal capacity, with evident energy advantages. The use of single-pass tube bundle exchangers ensures excellent levels of thermodynamic efficiency thanks to full heat exchange counter flow. For applications where noise containment is essential, it is possible to house the screw compressors - the equipment's only noise source - in a dedicated compartment lined with soundabsorbing material. The XVW range uses the new HFO refrigerant with low GWP (GWPR1234ze=6 ), part of a wider Green Technology approach (also available with refrigerant R134a). XVW units can be used with Polymorph® PLM modules by HiRef. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Dual screw compressors, available with inverter on one or both compressors Electronically controlled expansion valve Monitoring and reduction of maximum absorbed power Thermal insulation hoods on compressors for high temperature heat pump versions (optional) Programmable control Second set point on utility side able to be activated from external input Control of oil level in the compressor

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