The importance of air conditioning in museum environments

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The importance of air conditioning in museum environments

The HiRef project for Palazzo Zabarella: an air conditioning system that uses a heat pump fed with groundwater, equipped with a combination of Scroll ON/OFF compressors and brushless DC inverters.


Museum environments require meticulous attention in order to ensure proper temperature and relative humidity, especially in display areas where works of great value are exhibited. Air conditioning systems must therefore comply with specific technical and performance requisites, as must the systems that control and monitor all the parameters.
Moreover, museums and art galleries must also be equipped with systems that are highly flexible so that ambient conditions can be optimised according to the types of works on display.

This dossier illustrates the ambient and thermo-hygrometric conditions that are suitable for museums, which types of air conditioning systems are commonly used in museum environments and how visitor flows can be managed.
What's more, particularly in-depth information on the HiRef project will be provided. HiRef designed and installed the new air conditioning system for Palazzo Zabarella in Padua.

Ambient conditions inside museums
The parameters for maintenance of optimal exhibit preservation conditions are often at odds with the conditions needed to ensure proper visitor comfort. Exhibit preservation, in fact, requires constant, precise ambient conditions. In museums, it's essential to be able to count on system flexibility. Indeed, such systems must be able to cope with different display configurations and the rapid variability of endogenous loads, a factor largely caused by the number of visitors in the exhibition rooms.
Another required feature is that system parts must be compact, have a low visual impact and be in keeping with the architectural conformation of the host building.

Thermo-hygrometric conditions can vary greatly according to the type of works being exhibited.


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