Year: 2017

HiRef, a Galletti Group company, presents its KSW water-to-water heat pumps. These are ideal for feeding radiators on retrofit projects; they can be used to produce domestic hot water, manage an anti-Legionella cycle or supply a district heating system wherever there is a medium-temperature thermal source.

The water-to-water heat pumps in the HiRef KSW range have been designed for all those applications in which the cold source is at medium temperature and very hot water is simultaneously required at the condenser. Available with either a single refrigeration circuit (up to 180 kW) - for high efficiency even at partial loads - or a double circuit for improved system redundancy,

KSW heat pumps are equipped with special Scroll compressors (from 2 to 4) that have been specially developed for high evaporation and condensation temperatures. In residential or tertiary sector settings it is possible to provide plants where the KSW unit produces hot water (up to 80°C if used in conjunction with a medium-temperature water source).

By way of example, imagine a growing hotel business where a new wing is heated by an air-to-water heat pump and fan coil (circuit at 40/45°C) while the remaining areas are served by high temperature terminals. In such settings, the KSW heat pump can use water at 45°C from the fan coil circuit as a thermal source to produce high temperature water for the radiators, produce domestic hot water or control an anti-Legionella cycle. In an industrial setting the energy advantages are even more evident: all those processes that involve thermal by-products of between 30° and 40°C can be made “energetically-valuable” if used to feed a KSW heat pump. In such cases, the waste heat may be too cool and unsuitable for further use, yet adopting a KSW unit in tandem can allow it to supply, for example, a district heating system. The KSW range spans from 75 to 540 thermal kW with produced water at 75°C.