<p>HiRef’s green thread connects public organizations in Emilia Romagna</p>

HiRef’s green thread connects public organizations in Emilia Romagna

  • Data Centers

Year: 2022

Location: Emilia Romagna, Italia

Product category: IT infrastructures



Connecting a region's public organizations, such as schools, municipalities and hospitals, is key to ensuring the timeliness and efficiency of services offered to citizens. That's why HiRef was happy to collaborate with a major company in Emilia Romagna, which is involved in the implementation of Data Centers and with which it entered into a partnership that began in 2016 and has continued over the years.

The customer’s need?
To build and deploy three Data Centers, part of a national plan to improve the digital infrastructure of the Public Administration, paying the utmost attention to environmental and economic sustainability, in full HiRef style.



Reliability, energy efficiency and sustainability are at the foundation of the construction model chosen, designed and implemented by HiRef for all three Data Centers.

One or more multi-accessorized DataBox
and air conditioning units were installed at each site to cool and maintain the right temperatures for the servers.

The DataBox islands fully met the customer's requirements
: compact structures complete with management software, power supply and cooling for the servers, pre-assembled and supplied by HiRef after being successfully tested: a convenient and efficient solution capable of not only to simplify the implementation of the infrastructure, but to ensure total customization of the system. Precision, round-the-clock temperature control within the DataBox is provided by HRCCs, chilled-water rack cooler units capable of perfectly managing all thermo-hygrometric parameters.

and TPS141F, on the other hand, are the chillers chosen for cold production:
both with Indirect Free-Cooling for heat recovery, HFO refrigerants with low Global Warming Potential (GWP), screw and scroll compressors, ideal for ensuring consistency of performance.

Finally, units from the TRF range, air conditioners designed to maintain the hydronic balance of rooms and ensure maximum cooling performance, were installed in existing server rooms.



How to control all the parameters?
With HiNode, the exclusive system
, designed and developed by HiRef for air conditioning system management and supervision. A new-generation software capable of communicating with all units and devices in the plant and acting with predictive logic to avoid downtime and ensure performance continuity.

Not just machines: HiRef believes in relationships and trust, which is why the service centers and After Sales are always ready to step in for any need and guarantee fast and competent service.

The recovery of heat produced by Data Centers, the predictive logic of the control system and the use of low-GWP refrigerant have made a sustainable, environmental and economic difference.

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