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IT Cooling Solutions

Technological advances and the growing demand for data exchange have, over the years, led to a steady increase in the need for effective Data Center cooling performance and, consequently, a need for more effective design.

HiRef IT air conditioning solutions are based on optimisation criteria aimed at achieving energy efficiency and thus lowering consumption and running costs.


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Seeweb Data Center

The Seeweb Data Center can proudly state that it was the first in Italy to retrieve the heat expelled from the server room to warm offices in winter. The system features variable-capacity water chillers with a remote condenser and a dedicated dry-cooler to utilise Free-Cooling.

Vodafone Data Center

The Bergamo-based data processing center is cooled by DX CRAC units with inverter technology. The room is compartmentalised into raised-floor cold and hot aisles to give the best energy and exergetic configuration.

Data Center Hosting Solutions

The Hosting Solutions Data Center is a fully insulated box-in-box set-up. It stands on a floating floor which is anti-seismic in order to ensure uninterrupted service.


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