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Seeweb Data Center

Place of installation:


Year of installation:


Plant power rating:

2.5 MW

Plant type:

Data Center


The Seeweb Data Center can proudly state that it was the first in Italy to retrieve the heat expelled from the server room to warm offices in winter. The system features variable-capacity water chillers with a remote condenser and a dedicated dry-cooler to utilise Free-Cooling. A heat-only water-to-water heat pump recovers the heat from the server room and makes it available, at a suitable temperature, for office heating. 14 chilled-water units are employed to air-condition the UPS room, battery room and server room. The entire system is controlled by HiNode.

Units installed:

3 x TSE284CL

1 x XSW134WL

2 x TCDR650

12 x FCDR750

1 x HiNode



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